Our Easter Miracle!

Sometimes we think we hear a whisper, or feel a nudge, or just know down deep, “I need to do this.” The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion is just that. A big old nudge…a push…a neon sign. We all make a difference every single day. How we treat our people that spend our days […]

Happy Catholic Schools Week 2016!

Happy Catholic Schools Week! It’s a very special week. This week we celebrate the beauty that is Catholic education. I work in public schools observing student teachers and helping their practice of teaching get better. Our teaching credential/masters program is very selective when it comes to placing our student teachers. The resident teachers that our […]

The Dandy Award

The Dandy Award comes around once every six months. The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion gives an award in November and in March, celebrating the month we began, November 2014. Our first Dandy Award was given to two principals at St. Matthew Cathedral School. Located in the shadow of the great University of Notre […]

Did You Feel The Ground Shake??

Happy New Year! It is 2016 and it is going to be a beautiful year. This is our mantra: take the first step. Ask. Say yes. Open the door. We can do this.  I’m so happy you’re here with us.  Together we’re better. The landscape for inclusion is moving and shaking. Did you feel that […]

All Is Calm – All Is Bright

Christmas Blessings to each of you that have made your way to this little corner of the web. A few weeks ago, I read this amazing quote from Robert F. Kennedy and felt a kinship to this great man. His entire “Ripple of Hope” speech is truly beautiful and worth your time. It’s located here: […]

Happy One Year Birthday!

365 days ago, this website was launched. A non-profit began. And we began in earnest to spread the message that children with disabilities are welcome in Catholic schools. Canon Law tells us so…and Catholic Social Teachings…and well, Jesus…not to mention Pope Francis. On our website we have mentor teachers for every grade level. We have […]

Welcome Back To School!

We’ve been on summer hiatus and we hope you’ve had a restful summer and are ready to head back to school. Our Facebook page and Twitter feed has been sharing First Day of School Pictures almost every day for the past few weeks. There is something so magical about children on that first day: their […]

The Midwest Inclusion Throw Down

Take a good look at those states. There are pockets of inclusion in Catholic schools happening all over the nation but these midwestern states are on FIRE with inclusion. It’s a midwestern inclusion throw down. Hello, east coast. Hello, west coast. Who’s ready to go for it?? Let’s start with Chicago and the Loyola University […]

Do We Spot A Trend??

Could it be an Easter miracle? On Monday we had not one but TWO stories circling the internet that promoted the success and joy of fully including students with disabilities in Catholic schools. TWO. For those of us who troll the internet regularly searching for the tiniest crumb of inclusion success, not to mention success […]

*Violets Are Not Impaired Daisies*

On our website we have a tremendous amount of resources and inspiration. But it gets buried easily…every so often we will share up front some of our nuggets. This letter I read 15 years ago when Patrick was an infant. I found it to be profoundly moving and the perfect metaphor for people with disabilities…they […]