Our Mission

“Until I am welcomed everywhere as an equal simply because I am human, I remain a warrior on a battlefield that I must not leave.”
Dr. Melba Pattillo Beals
If you are lucky to be different...quote
The National Catholic Board of Full Inclusion has a vision of full inclusion in Catholic schools for students with disabilities.


Our mission is to inspire schools to begin the process of becoming inclusive, to educate teachers, parents, principals and priests on what it takes to be an inclusive school and to provide the educational research and real life experiences that support it.
“It is not enough to recall principles, state intentions, point to crying injustice and utter prophetic denunciations; these words will lack weight unless they are accompanied for each individual by a livelier awareness of personal responsibility and by effective action…The Church invites all Christians to take up a double task of inspiring and innovating in order to make structures evolve so as to adapt them to the real needs of today.”
Pope Paul VI (1971)
Gretchen and volleyball team

We strive to be a resource for both families and educators and work to provide mentors linking schools, families and teachers who are currently being inclusive with schools and families that are hoping to begin an inclusive program at their local parish school. Most importantly, our biggest goal is to create a learning environment within Catholic schools that is accepting of all learners, values every child and sees God’s sacred holiness in this effort.

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Mia’s “All About Me” booklet

The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion is a non-profit public benefit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. All donations are considered charitable and thus are tax deductible • Tax ID #47-2200036.