Patrick’s Inclusion Journey

Patrick Foraker, inclusion journey

Today, March 4th, marks the day to “End the Word”. This is a world-wide effort to stop using the word “retard” as a pejorative. I’ve worn my t-shirt with this logo for five years. If I were a classroom teacher, these would be my classroom rules. If you have these five qualities going on in your classroom . . .[Read more]

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A Pilgrim’s Journey

                                      Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Our One Word for 2020 is JOY and we wish for each of you a JOYFUL year. **If you have any pictures of JOY happening at an inclusive Catholic school, […]

High Five! Celebrating FIVE Years of The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion

  FIVE years ago, on November 3, 2014, The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion began. We launched our website, our Facebook page, our Twitter and Instagram presence and we started sharing the power of inclusion in Catholic schools. In FIVE years, a lot has happened…and today, we reflect on the FIVE biggest steps forward […]

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