Patrick’s Inclusion Journey

Patrick Foraker, inclusion journey

Today, March 4th, marks the day to “End the Word”. This is a world-wide effort to stop using the word “retard” as a pejorative. I’ve worn my t-shirt with this logo for five years. If I were a classroom teacher, these would be my classroom rules. If you have these five qualities going on in your classroom . . .[Read more]

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Undoing The Knot – One Action At A Time

Greetings! It’s been a long while since there has been a post here…not because good works have stopped…or because inclusion has slowed down…but because the work has been ongoing and deep…think of it as a hibernation. A few weeks ago, I sat down at my computer hoping to talk about epiphany, growing in hope, leaning […]

A Pilgrim’s Journey

                                      Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Our One Word for 2020 is JOY and we wish for each of you a JOYFUL year. **If you have any pictures of JOY happening at an inclusive Catholic school, […]

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