Patrick’s Inclusion Journey

Patrick Foraker, inclusion journey

Today, March 4th, marks the day to “End the Word”. This is a world-wide effort to stop using the word “retard” as a pejorative. I’ve worn my t-shirt with this logo for five years. If I were a classroom teacher, these would be my classroom rules. If you have these five qualities going on in your classroom . . .[Read more]

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This Year: Offer A Filipe Moment to Yourself and To Your Class

As we begin to enjoy the cool fall weather…as pumpkins and fall leaves remind us of the changing seasons…I want us all to remember a sacred summer moment…this one right here. I’ve been thinking a lot about this picture. What do you notice? The JOY first off. We can’t see this pic and not feel […]

The Gift of Getting Lost

  Recently, I took a  phone call from a parent of a son with an intellectual delay who is in high school. Her son has some academic and social needs but they are not overwhelming. He’s in high school with dreams of his own…and yet there are many barriers for him. That was the reason […]

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