Undoing The Knot – One Action At A Time

Greetings! It’s been a long while since there has been a post here…not because good works have stopped…or because inclusion has slowed down…but because the work has been ongoing and deep…think of it as a hibernation. A few weeks ago, I sat down at my computer hoping to talk about epiphany, growing in hope, leaning […]

A Pilgrim’s Journey

                                      Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Our One Word for 2020 is JOY and we wish for each of you a JOYFUL year. **If you have any pictures of JOY happening at an inclusive Catholic school, […]

High Five! Celebrating FIVE Years of The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion

  FIVE years ago, on November 3, 2014, The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion began. We launched our website, our Facebook page, our Twitter and Instagram presence and we started sharing the power of inclusion in Catholic schools. In FIVE years, a lot has happened…and today, we reflect on the FIVE biggest steps forward […]

This Year: Offer A Filipe Moment to Yourself and To Your Class

As we begin to enjoy the cool fall weather…as pumpkins and fall leaves remind us of the changing seasons…I want us all to remember a sacred summer moment…this one right here. I’ve been thinking a lot about this picture. What do you notice? The JOY first off. We can’t see this pic and not feel […]

The Gift of Getting Lost

  Recently, I took a  phone call from a parent of a son with an intellectual delay who is in high school. Her son has some academic and social needs but they are not overwhelming. He’s in high school with dreams of his own…and yet there are many barriers for him. That was the reason […]

Our ???? Rainbow ???? Connection

  In April, during Autism Acceptance Month, we asked one of our mentors who is a BCBA and Managing Director for Proactive Life Skills to write a blog post about autism for us. Kelly Noda is one of the many mentors listed as a resource on our website. Kelly has both parental and professional expertise […]

Encounter Doesn’t Wear Off

    Our One Word for 2019 is Encounter…and here is a story of Encounter that has the kind of depth and understanding that is the perfect crystallization of Encounter…here is a story for those who think inclusion doesn’t matter. In the center of this pic is Mia. She’s wearing her school uniform from St. […]

Inclusion Summit 4!

Hey friends, it is time for Inclusion Summit 4!                             In conjunction with the annual convention of the National Catholic Education Association, The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion is hosting a gathering of educators, parents and advocates who believe in the […]

The FIRE???? Conference in Kansas City, Missouri: ❄ Outside,☀ of Inclusion Inside!

                              February 18-20th, 2019 the people who value inclusion in Catholic schools nationwide gathered in Kansas City, Missouri for the FIRE ????Conference. As FIRE Director, Lynn Hire, said so well: “We are in America’s heartland, so fitting since we know that […]

Love is Spoken Here ❤️ Our 2nd Inclusive Catholic High School Conference

February 7-8th, 2019, 50 Catholic school educators made their way to San Diego, California to attend our 2nd Inclusive Catholic High School Conference. It’s a leap of faith to take time out of your normal work schedule, watch the emails pile up, push aside the many things aching for your attention, and make space for […]