Undoing The Knot – One Action At A Time

Greetings! It’s been a long while since there has been a post here…not because good works have stopped…or because inclusion has slowed down…but because the work has been ongoing and deep…think of it as a hibernation.

A few weeks ago, I sat down at my computer hoping to talk about epiphany, growing in hope, leaning in to the light and the new year…then a violent, hateful mob made up of Americans stormed our capitol…live-streamed…my husband was outraged and angry, yelling obscenities at the TV…and our freshman in high school doing her best to continue with distance learning came out…horrified and reminded us that school was still going for her.

She didn’t have the luxury to yell. Or stop learning.

In the days that followed, as the attack was revealed to be even more dark and deadly, it has felt like a knot. Irretrievably stuck. Impossible to undo. Growing ever tighter.

I have had a necklace that’s been knotted beyond repair before…and I have made the decision to cut the chain, just to save the charm.

The urge to cut, cut, cut is real…cut people out of our life…cut out the hardship…cut to the front of the line for the vaccine…cut, cut, cut…throw it all away…it can’t be saved.

But if we cut someone out, we lose.

If we cut corners and refuse to DO THE WORK, we lose.

If we cut the chain that links us all together, we lose.

We must resist the urge to cut the knot and instead get busy loosening the grip.

Instead of pulling it tighter, we must find the strand that is loose and waiting to be pulled through and around and in through another loop.

As Catholics, we can turn to Mary, Undoer of Knots, and pause to remind ourselves that no knot is too tightly knotted…we can always undo the knot.


This is the prayer Mary Undoer of Knots

This past summer, our collective awareness grew about systemic racism. Our eyes could see the mistreatment and violence that killed George Floyd…killed by the very  people who swore to protect us. We learned of the deaths of Breonna Taylor – asleep in her own home – and Ahmaud Arbery – going for a jog – right when our hearts seemed the most broken.

The events at our nation’s capitol on January 6th showed an emboldened white supremacy…chilling with its violence and hate.

This moment calls for something more than just a gathering of like-minded people who care about inclusion in Catholic schools.

This moment asks each of us:
How will YOU untie the knot?

This moment requires us to take ACTION.

It asks us to do MORE.

It calls us to put our faith into PRACTICE.

Right here. Right now.


On February 28th, 2021 at 9am Pacific Time, The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion offers a chance to do MORE as Catholic educators.

We offer our 4th Inclusive Catholic School Conference – VIRTUALLY.

A photo of the cover of a book, Antiracism and UDL: Building Expressways To Success

Accessible to everyone.

Universally designed.

Focused on how to untie the knots and welcome ALL learners into our Catholic schools.

Our Keynote is Andratesha Fritzgerald, author of this incredible book that meets the moment:

Antiracism + UDL (Universal Design For Learning): Building Expressways to Success.


Our conference will focus on BOTH Antiracism AND Universal Design for Learning.

We need to do both in our classrooms and our schools.

We need to prioritize both.

Our conference will be innovative and outside-of-the-box…intentionally held on a Sunday so that families AND educators can attend.

Attendees will have built-in opportunities to connect with others from all of the nation…connecting with those that are working to make our Catholic schools inclusive to ALL..building the Revolution of Tenderness.

We have numerous Catholic educators and theologians who will be facilitating break out rooms.

Break out rooms on Antiracism, Distance Learning and UDL.

We have schools willing to share their inclusive practices and insights.

Mostly, we have a chance to untie the knot TOGETHER.

Take a look at our schedule…notice ALL of the amazing people who have agreed to share their talents, their experiences, their insights…with YOU.

This is a listing of the schedule of the conference




















Covid has a way of making us feel all alone. It steals our large gatherings and chips away at our strength and connection…but these people have stepped into this moment and SAID YES!

They are reaching out…and reaching up…they need you to say yes too.

Join us.

Tell your friends.

Learn. Grow. Love.

TOGETHER, we can untie the knot…TOGETHER, we can be an instrument of PEACE.

Register Here: