Patrick’s Inclusion Journey

PATRICK’S INCLUSION JOURNEY •   Today, March 4th, marks the day to “End the Word”.  This is a world-wide effort to stop using the word “retard” as a pejorative.  I’ve worn my t-shirt with this logo for five years.  If I were a classroom teacher, these would be my classroom rules.  If you have […]

Why It Matters

When Patrick was in kindergarten we needed some sort of incentive that he was willing to work for. We needed a pay out. Since I didn’t want an obese child, the pay out couldn’t be candy. Who am I kidding, Patrick is not candy focused, he’s all about the carb. He, for sure, would have […]

Anything Can Be

** This blog post was written the night of Patrick’s graduation, Saturday, May 31st, 2014. ** Anything can be. Anything. Tonight is proof. 5,445 days ago a little baby was born. He had Down Syndrome…a heart defect and later leukemia. 5,445 days ago I didn’t know a thing. I was biased and prejudiced. Flattened and […]