It’s A Lily Day!!

                      Happy Catholic Schools Week 2019! “It’s a Lily Day” That’s what the students at St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic School in Riverside, California cheer when they see their classmate come to school. Lily is a student with Down Syndrome who is fully included in […]

Inclusion Summit 3!

                  So many days we work on our own, feeling alone, wondering if we are the only ones who care about including students with disabilities in Catholic schools. It’s not true. There are so so many good people doing good work all over the United States and […]

Inclusion: The Epiphany for Catholic Schools

                        One of my favorite gifts of going to mass every week listening over the years to the same holy stories told by different priests – sharing their insights and thoughts – is that very ordinary, common stories are given the gift of sunlight […]

Our Word for 2018: Belonging

Happy New Year! Blessings to each of you, inclusion friends. 2017 was a very busy year for The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion. We collaborated with Dioceses, non-profits, Catholic families, learning support teachers, educators of all stripes and inclusion advocates all over the country. We end our year with a grateful heart and we […]

Notes from Nashville – A City That Provides A Continuum of Inclusion

If you have a disability and want to live an inclusive life, you need a community that welcomes you. You need schools that fully include you. You need employment that is both competitive and integrated. You need living options that are inclusive. You need what Dr. Erik Carter so powerfully describes as something more than […]

The Blessings of Birmingham

Catholic school teachers in a nutshell: A Soul Generated By Love, A Heart Full of Grace Over the summer, many schools and families reached out to the National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion…asking for help, wondering about schools that offered a welcome, trying to find someplace that might open the doors to their child. The […]

The Revolution of Tenderness: Inclusion Summit 2

I woke up this morning, ready for the rush of getting kids off to school, coordination of after-school activities and the regular business of a school day when I was stopped by a TED Talk by the Pope. Using social media as his personal megaphone, Pope Francis got his message out into the wide world. […]

Lent: Fighting Indifference – Seeing The Ones In The Shadows

On the eve of Catholic Schools Week, our president issued an executive order that summarily prohibited any entrance from any person from seven majority muslim nations into our country. As Catholics, our organization stood in solidarity with those that were excluded. We stand with refugees. We stand with immigrants. We must be the voice for […]

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